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To access the latest beta release, click the link below. Sign in with your Loupedeck account that is linked to the Beta Release Program. If you are having trouble signing in, check your account details to make sure you have consented to the terms and conditions of the Beta Release Program.

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Help & Feedback

For assistance and feedback, please contact betafeedback@loupedeck.com
We would kindly ask you not to contact the customer support in beta related issues.

How to report a bug:
Please email details betafeedback@loupedeck.com and be sure to include the following:

  1. Tell us what the desired behavior or result was, and what behavior or result you got instead. Be specific.
  2. Give us all the details of the system where the problems occurred: hardware model, OS version, and so forth.
  3. Give us detailed, step-by-step instructions for reproducing the issue (Screen shots or a quick movie of the onscreen actions really help).

As you know, we are committed to make Loupedeck the #1 Creative Tool manufacturer in the world and we always, always appreciate your feedback and input – keep it coming!

Loupedeck Beta Release Program Team